[Skill] Composure clan

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[Skill] Composure clan

Post by Skill on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:37 am

HuntingBase Players!

This clan will be deciated to ALL of our servers, which means, extremely powerful!

GunZ Requirements:

-Must be able to DBF fluently
-Must be able to FS/HS/SS fluently.
-Must have atleast 8/10 aiming with a Shotgun.

-All staff members don't get free join, except for Defy and Jur, the rest,
have to tryout like the others.

Runescape Requirements:

-Must be 1-45 Defence
-Must have the following:

-Atleast 70 range
-1 99 Stat
-50 strength +
-40 Attack +

-Atleast 50 Attack
-Atleast 70 Strength
-1-45 Defence

-Atleast 50 Mage
-Have a suitable hp level

All Runescape Clans, will be provided with pking items, which will be used for clan wars. The following items will be given for Clan Wars:
-Teleport Runes
-Other Needed Items

All GunZ clans, will be provided with their own clan shirts.
--Clan Leader Top - With Clan Name + Leader On
--Clan Admin Top - With Clan Name + Name On
--Clan Member Top - With Clan Name + Name On
--Clan Hat - With Name on - With clan design

All of the items of GunZ will be specially made by Vendetta.

As i have Never played MapleStory, i will be asking Defy on some requirements which could be suitable.

Application Format

-Requirements You Match
-Have you already tried out
-What other things you want us to know


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